Soap noodles

Scitra has two manufacturing locations in Sharjah. One produces soap noodles from a variety of vegetable oil blends, the other is a soap finishing plant. This combination of plants will give maximum benefits to our customers as the full supply chain is in our hands and reduces the lead time for finished soap delivered significantly.

Soap Production

Established in 2006 the soap-noodle factory is one of our most recent investments, supplying other regional manufacturers as well as our own finishing plant. It has a an integrated pilot plant which allows our customers to identify and trial soap-blends before launching them commercially.

The facility also boasts an oil-storage facility large enough to combat volatile market prices. This empowers our clients with commercial stability throughout the business year.

Bar Soap

Our soap finishing plant has held the ISO 22716 certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) since 2010. Our current portfolio includes toilet and specialty soaps, produced on three different production lines.

Making use of flexible technology, we can satisfy all of our customer’s packing demands – from cartons to wrappers, as well as promotional or single pack.