About Us

About Scitra

Excellence In Manufacturing And Service

Based in the UAE, Scitra is the GCC’s market-leading contract manufacturer of home and personal care products. The company started out as a sub-division of Ditra more than 30 years ago and has undergone a major transition from powder detergent manufacturer to hi-tech, multi-process contract manufacturer for several leading brand owners.

With a unique vision to produce high quality products ‘in the region, for the region’, Scitra’s huge year-on-year success convinced the shareholders to expand their production. Today, while deter- gent powder manufacturing is still one of the core activities, Scitra now operates five other high-tech, multi-process plants: Soap noodles, Soap finishing, Personal Care Liquids, Home Care Liquids and Aerosols.

With an enormous emphasis on superior facilities, we are quick to embrace pioneering technology. This gives us the capability to manufacture a complete portfolio of home and personal care products for several leading brands.

Based on international best practices, Scitra is committed to constant improvement with a relent- less focus on developing premises, processes and people, striving to meet the expectations of the most progressive client.

Our Technologies

The company’s modern facilities produce high quality range for both brand owners and
private label customers. Three separate manufacturing sites combine six state-of-the-art plants covering:

  • Detergent powders
  • Soap noodles
  • Bar soap
  • Personal care liquids including antiseptic liquids
  • Home care liquid products
  • Aerosol

A Service Like No Other

We empower our clients with everything they need to gain a competitive edge in the market. This includes outstanding service, flexible production lines and a rapid response to consumer trends.

A true avant-garde business partner, we go beyond the expected, applying our experience to improve our partners’ business. Scitra treats every client as if they were our only client – every brand as if it were our own. This means working with brand owners early in the product development process, helping to streamline manufacturing processes in advance.